This is a letter of offer. I/We understand that if this offer is accepted by the Vendor it must then be formalised on the appropriate standard REIQ/QLD Law Society Contract of Sale forthwith.

NOTE: Submission of this document means you are making an offer to purchase the property. The Vendor may receive several offers and will decide which of these offers, having regard to price, settlement date and other conditions, that they will accept, if any.

The Vendor may choose to counter your offer and you will be advised in writing of the price and terms they are willing to accept.

Or they may well make a decision on the basis of another offer they receive at this time and that there may not be any further opportunity for you to make any subsequent offer on this property.

Property Address

Purchaser 1 Full Legal Name*

Purchaser 2 Full Legal Name*

Contact Details:



I/We wish to offer $*

as purchase price for the above property.


If your offer is to be subject to conditions such as bank finance, please include such conditions in this Offer document as this is what will inform the Contract document.

Subject to these conditions

Settlement date

Deposit amount

Signed by Purchaser. 1


Signed by Purchaser. 2


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