Where Do You Want to be in the Next Pandemic?

This is no longer a silly question. 

The good news is that with our lower density than cities, our gorgeous natural assets of multiple beaches, national parks and quiet friendly neighbourhoods, there simply wasn’t anywhere better to be in lockdown, than Noosa.  

And now that you know you really can work from home with the right technology, the smart money is making that home in Noosa.

Whether you want to go off grid and have acreage with your own food plants and water, or whether you want the luxury of amenities and social life in a single level apartment, we have it all here in spades, at a third of the cost of any capital city in Australia. 

I first moved to Noosa Christmas 2001.  The catalyst was losing a friend in the first plane to hit the World Trade Centre.  The city no longer held appeal for me in any form.  Too many people, too much pollution, too much noise, too many crazies with a grudge.

Noosa was my happy place.  The place I came to for peace and regenerative holidays for decades.  It was the best decision I ever made.

I realised I no longer needed to pay a whopping rent for bricks and mortar office.  I could stop paying enormous rent for a townhouse in Mosman.  Having been looking to purchase a home 3 hours from Sydney, I had the epiphany that Noosa was just 3 hours from Sydney.  

Granted that included a drive to Sunshine Coast Airport, waiting for the plane, a flight and train to the city, but damn straight it was 3 hours door-to-door.  So much better in fact than driving for 3 hours from Sydney north or south, or west through bumper to bumper traffic. 

Initially, my clients didn’t know I had relocated – because most of our business was via phone and email anyway.  The fortnightly meetings were easily doable with comfortable flight times from either Maroochydore or Brisbane.  

And it took no time at all to settle into a work routine that was interjected with walks through the national park, swimming at the beach, breakfast at Bistro C, and afternoon drinks on the river…

Some 19 years ago now, our internet speed was dial up.  The flights to Sydney much more expensive than they are now. 

The point is this is so much more workable now than then.  For the same price as a 2 bedroom renovator in Annandale you can buy a beautiful family home in Noosa, just 7 minutes drive to the beach. 

It’s about buying peace, safety, lifestyle, family time, health and security for the future.  Well, it was for me, and I’ve never looked back.