The Value of Video

As a real estate agent with a background in marketing and public relations, I can hand on heart say that video is one of the effective forms of marketing for your property.  

The market isn’t always as we have it now.  And especially when trying to achieve a specific price, it is really important to showcase what you have that may not always be visible in photos, or buyers may not be able to feel the flow of a floor plan without also seeing it. 

We don’t do video for everything – simply because there is a cost associated with doing so, and some vendor budgets don’t allow for it.  

But for the properties that could benefit from it, it’s the one thing that will sort through hundreds if not thousands of buyers, to find you the right one. 

And our videos have had thousands, and even tens of thousands of views… just like this one of 24 Amaroo Place, which has received 34,500 views to-date (as of writing).

While that’s an exceptional number of views for a real estate listing, we do tend to average 1,500-3,000 views, depending on the property, which is a testament to the quality of our production team, and professional presentation.

Quality properties demand a high quality marketing campaign, and that includes professional video.

While YouTube has been the go-to channel for real estate videos for years, Noosa4Sale is moving off YouTube.

From today, we will be putting all our videos on a private channel on Vimeo.  Don’t worry, you will still be able to view our videos in social media, on real estate portals and even find it in Google searches.

So why the move?  YouTube changed its terms of service a few months ago, allowing advertising to be placed on all videos, not just those that scored over 10,000 views, which was the situation from the beginning.  

Which led to some get rich quick scam being advertised on my profile video!

While I immediately moved my video to Vimeo (hence there are no ads on the above!) I noticed other ads are now creeping on to property videos for old listings that remain on YouTube. 

To not move our video channel to somewhere safe from scam ads, would be a huge disservice to our clients. 

We value your business, and we take great care in how we present and market your property to achieve the best possible price in whichever market we are operating in.  

Video will still be key to that, just not on YouTube.